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Video Maker Studio Made Videos

Video Maker
A Video Maker brings your site to life.

What is the value of a video maker to your business?  Perhaps the easy way to explain is to say  a picture is worth a thousand words, while a video is worth a thousand pictures.

All search engines strive to keep viewers on a page for as long as possible and nothing keeps them there longer than a video.  Hence websites with quality videos get better search engine ratings than those without video.

Even if you do pay per click marketing the rates you are charged for your clicks depends, in part, on how long the viewer remains on your page after clicking through.  The longer they stay the more Google look on your landing page as an authority page.  This will affect your position in Google Search, the rate you pay per click and needless to say it will guarantee more customers per click to your business.  Yes, video is that powerful online.

It is imperative that your website has some video content.  It is a fact that today search engines and social media sites are ranking web pages with video higher than those without it.

To ensure your website gains the highest rankings you should have a degree of video content to impress upon the search engines that you are doing your best to meet the criteria that the public demands.  If you don’t your website will be penalized and dropped down the rankings.  We do not claim video is the only thing that determines ranking, but it is probably the most important.

How Much Does A Video Maker Cost?

Clear Message
A video brings a clear message

Otec Promotions uses state of the art video production technology to produce professional, studio made videos at a cost often one tenth of what you see advertised by other professional video makers.  These videos not only build your brand they are often the difference between a potential customer choosing you or moving on to search your competitors offers.  You can make video work for you providing it is professional and targeted.  We use only professional actors on screen to boost the image of your business.

A ear or two ago you could get away with posting any video on your website and people would watch it.  Today the audience has become far more sophisticated and are demanding professional quality.

Sadly the days of the home-made video on a business website are passed because search engines demand high quality content and high definition video  Things like animated logo’s are currently in vogue with search engines.   We see so many animated videos that are very good looking but absolutely useless after being made by well meaning amateurs.  The videos are poorly constructed and have close to zero commercial impact.  This is why your business needs a video maker they can trust.

Studio Made Video Producers.

Only a few years ago it was not uncommon for a studio made video using a pro actor as spokesperson would have cost around $10K per minute.  Now we have moved the production in-house and coupled it with new technology that enables us to show a professional spokesperson standing inside or outside your premises for a mere fraction of that cost.

You can contact us for an obligation free chat about adding, or improving, videos on your website by using the contact us link on this website.

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