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Specialist Law Practice SEO Client Acquisition

specialist law practice seo
Specialist Law Practice SEO is a must have service.

We have started a specialist law practice SEO department within Otec Promotions to cater for the increasing number of internet demands for successful ranking on search engines.  This is needed to ensure your legal service website can remain high in search engines ensuring you capture the maximum number of organic leads.

With paid online advertising costing up to, and over, $100 per click it makes sense to attract as many organic leads coming into your practice as you possibly can.

Client acquisition costs are soaring


Why Is A Specialist Law Practice SEO Consultant Needed?

The simple fact is that Google and other search engines change their ranking criteria so frequently it is virtually impossible to run a law practice and keep up with the demands of search engines due to time restrictions.  It has taken us over a year to make the final decision to move into this business niche because we always assumed there would be too many law website specialists already in the market taking care of the special needs of law firms.  However, our research shows very few website/SEO specialist are involved in this specialized niche.  Searching through over 500 Lawyer websites and analysing them over the past year we are shocked to find that over 80% the websites fail to meet some of the search engine basic demands to ensure good listing.  So the answer to our basic doubts is that there is a need for a specialist with the ability to save the industry millions of dollars each year.

Why Is This SEO Service Different?

personal injury law
Personal injury law or family law, it makes no difference. Good seo reduces client acquisition costs.

The simple answer is that Otec Promotions are a specialized marketing consultancy and have been since January 1983.  Most website builders are graphic artists with next to no marketing expertise.  Also we do not outsource work and our in-house specialists work from the USA or Australia.  This ensures that you deal with native English speakers who produce quality original content and promotional material to benefit your reputation within your local market.

Our main role is to fine tune your online presence to attract more organic visitors and leads to your practice.  We cannot convert leads to clients, that is your responsibility and you will be aware of your Inquiry: Client ratio.  For some it will be as low as 10% for others as high as 50%, regardless of your practice ratio it all starts with the lead and leads are our business.  Contact us today for an obligation free consultation to get an unfair advantage over your local competition.  The nature of our service precludes us from working for more than one client in each niche and each location.  Such is the nature of Specialist Law Practice SEO.

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