Press Releases Are Better Value For Money Than Advertising

Press releases are rarely considered by most small business owners, plus a large proportion of larger business owners remain unfamiliar with what is a press release (PR) and how it benefits your business.  Many people believe press releases are the domain of celebrities and sports stars and that nobody is interested in your story.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Over 90% of press releases are about people and businesses that may only ever do something press worthy once or twice in their life.  Sure when Beyonce called a press conference to say she was having a baby all the TV stations were present as were magazines and printed press, not forgetting radio stations and news syndication sites.  Don’t expect your press release to draw the same attention.  The question is could you benefit fully from this level of attention?  In most cases no.

Press Releases Benefit All Local Business

Press releases are inexpensive
Press releases are better value than conventional advertising

If you own a Pizza Restaurant in Baltimore MD what could you benefit from people in London, Rome or Sydney could boost your bottom line? But if your story picked up coverage in the Baltimore Sun or WBAL -TV in Baltimore? In just a couple of days this could produce $15,000 to $20,000 in free advertising for your brand. Never lose track of the fact that top institutions in Baltimore MD are always seeking local news stories and when they find the right story they milk it for days. Then smaller publications in the Baltimore regions pick up on the story and want to follow it through.
Now that’s the best case scenario and we would be less than honest if we were to promise you could achieve the best case scenario so let’s take a look at the worst case scenario PR:
Our same Pizza Restaurant in Baltimore MD has a website which sits on page 2 of the Google search for Pizza Restaurant Baltimore MD – The owners know that if their website managed to get on to page one for this listing their business would jump significantly and which business owner really wants to see leads going to competitors? Assuming the website meets Google demands then the only thing stopping it getting on to page one is that Google does not review the website as an “authority” site.

Placing A Money Value on Your Press Releases

A well crafted press release can change the way Google views your website, because suddenly you start getting back links from some of the best known authority websites on the internet as each publication/media outlet your PR goes to provides a back link.  So what if your press release is sent to CNN, ABC, Foxtel, Google News etc.  Well we can be pretty sure they will not follow up a story about a Pizza Restaurant in Baltimore MD unless it was very unusual.  But your website will still get back links from authority media outlets and this impresses Google, normally enough for them to class your website as “authority” and move to page 1 listing.

So to money value: If your press release is taken up by local press due to the local nature of the story it would be safe to assume that it will be worth between $15,000 to $20,000 in “free” advertising.  If it is not taken up then the back links it will provide your website will push it towards page 1 and the ten websites on page one share 72% of the business.

In short your PR, providing it’s well crafted, will be a win/win situation and achieve far more for your business than months of local advertising.

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