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PPC Advertising – Why Is It So Expensive

PPC Advertising – Why Is It So Expensive?

PPC Advertising
Make PPC Advertising work for you

PPC advertising can be very frustrating for local business owners because of the number of clicks you pay for that never take the final step by making a buying inquiry.  Imagine you are paying $10 per click and it is taking 10 clicks per new customer?  That’s $100 paid per customer.  Take it to a higher level and you are a personal injury lawyer and you can be paying $350 per click, that translates to $3,500 per client.  That’s a lot of money to invest per new client.

It is obvious that all local businesses would like to see 3 or 4 new clients per 10 clicks with the savings going direct to the bottom line of your business.  Pay per click management aims at cutting your cost per new client and to this end we have been investigating how a ppc advertiser can improve their returns on advertising dollars.

Online Advertising – Can It Be Improved?

Before we can improve online advertising performance we must first understand the reasons why it takes so many clicks to find a new client.

Very few searchers click on your ad  to be a nuisance, it is safe to assume that around 90% of the people that click your ad are interested in your service so it is probably something that happens after they click your ppc advertisement where the problem lies.

Over the years problems with the cost of PPC Advertising are the most common raised with consultants and invariably a consultant will tell you that your website is at fault and you must have a new website with all the bells and whistles before your online advertising will work well.  So they try to sell you a new website for something between $1,000 and $10,000 to improve your returns.  Don’t blame them they’re only trying to run their business as they see fit.

Google Advertising – Is It The Website at Fault?

Google Advertising
Promote Your Business with Google Advertising

But, if we think about this problem when a prospective new client clicks on your ad they are taken to a single landing page, this is the way Google Advertising is set up.  Most will make a decision whether to take the next step based on what they read on the landing page.  This revelation indicates the complete website is not the problem but the landing page could be.  So now we are looking at around $295 to design a total landing page compared to $1,000 to $10,000 to build a new website.  This should be ringing some bells in the minds of all PPC Advertising users.

Roughly 80% of all landing pages we come across do not answer the question in the mind of the prospective new client.  We found one Law Practice who used their Attorney Profile Page as a landing page.  Imagine you are seeking a personal injury lawyer in your home town and after clicking on the ad you are taken to a page of lawyer profiles?  The searchers question is probably something like: “Will this Lawyer maximize my claim?” He clicks on the ad which has a headline Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Local Town.  He expects to see something that indicates this practice really is the best – What does he get – Boring Attorney profiles.  He moves on to the next site.  That equals a click paid for and no return for the advertiser.

Have an obligation free chat with us about your PPC Advertising returns, we’re sure to have a low cost solution.

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