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Leads For Lawyers – The lifeblood of your practice

Introducing a new ethical leads for lawyers service has proved a tougher task than we first expected, in fact we have worked on it for almost 18 months to get it to the standard we wanted.  The service was launched on 1 September 2017 after 3 months of beta testing.  This article is being published just one week after the introduction because we are amazed at how quickly it is being taken up by law firms.  These law firms are specializing in various disciplines and legal niches from family law, personal injury and even criminal law.  In fact the niche you are targeting matters little because each and every lead finding campaign is built for your practice from start to finish.  We never use the same campaign because all law firms are different.

Over the years we have noted the methods used by 90% of lead finders and we are unimpressed by the way they operate.  For instance when they find a lead they offer it out to every lawyer in town for a fixed price, sure they price is usually low but is a lead truly a lead when both you and your competitors have access to it?  All it means is that you purchase the lead and have to hope that when you make the call somebody else hasn’t already come to an agreement with the prospective client.

In our system a lead is a lead and it is exclusive to your practice.  That’s fair and ethical and enables us to maintain our reputation as an honest trader.  But it doesn’t stop there because as professional marketers we understand that finding quality leads isn’t a one size fits all task.

In fact each law firm is a unique client with different goals.  We also understand the number of law firms that are not practicing in the niche they would like to be in.  For clients that fall into this category we need to find a supply of leads for the discipline they are currently shining in and also a supply of leads for the niche they want to develop into.  The relationship between client and marketer must always be one of cooperation and joint goal setting.

Why Is Our Law Firm Online Marketing Different?

We fully understand that you are probably pestered on a weekly basis by lead finders promising the earth and then failing to deliver, or delivering low quality leads, which is common with people that sell their leads to everybody in sight.

Otec Promotions are different because we partner with our client to provide unique leads solely to your law firm.  We achieve this by running a tailored local marketing program using various platforms both online and offline to find prospective clients that meet your criteria both now and into the future.  Our main goal is to grow with our clients and to this end we never hold a client to a fixed time contract and they are free to walk away if they feel they are not getting value for money.

We strive to keep advertising costs low to ensure the best value for money for our clients and our costs per lead are very cost effective.

Conclusion Of Leads For Lawyers:

We can provide up to 25 unique leads per month for your practice at a cost per lead that is competitive and effective.  This allows you to concentrate on running your business and stop worrying about the next time the phone will ring.  If you can convert just two of these leads per month (believe me you will convert more than two) you business will grow month by month until it reaches the level you desire.

You can take the first step by contacting us for a short discussion on how we can help your practice grow and the cost of doing so.

The nature of our business precludes from acting for every firm in the area and we can only act for a limited number in each location.  Don’t be the last to inquire.

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