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Leasing A Business Website


Leasing A Business Website

Leasing a business website
Web design requires constant updating to be relevant.

Is leasing a business website better than building and maintaining one for yourself?

Your business website must work for you, not you work for your website.  Our leasing proposal is cost effective, efficient and free’s your time to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

New customers are the lifeblood of business success, your website is now the focus of potential customers, but over 90% of businesses worldwide have a website that has not drawn a new customer in the past 5-years .  This is due to many reasons, a few of which we list below:

  1. Your website does not meet search engine demands and will never get near the top pages of Google or Bing where people are searching.
  2. Your website is not mobile compatible when more than 50% of searches for the goods and services you sell are being made from mobile devices.
  3. Your website is dull and boring and visitors to it see this as a reflection of your business.
  4. Your website is full or words which people no longer read.
  5. Your website used to rank high but then Google moved the goalpost’s and it dropped a long way down.
  6. You’re too busy running a business and simply don’t have the time to spend on the demands of your website.
  7. You’ve been offered websites at a cost of up to $10K and once they’re built and you’ve paid you never see the website builder again.

But you’re busy running a business and don’t have the time to remain up to date with the continual flow of new demands being made by the search engines and the search public.  Many see this as a modern day Catch 22 situation.  But it need not be a problem because there is a new solution available to you:

Otec Promotions  have a reputation for being innovative in their search for solutions that are practical and efficient.  Our latest solution  is a lease agreement whereby we take over the total responsibility for your website for a reasonable monthly fee.  This puts the onus to make it work squarely on our shoulders because each of a lease agreements has a 30 day exit clause without penalty to you.  So if we’re not producing results you simply give us 30-days notice to end the agreement.

What Are Your Benefits?

  1. You get a 100% Google compliant website and a management team that ensure it remains compliant regardless of search engine changes in the future.
  2. Your website is hosted on high speed, safe and efficient servers.
  3. Your website is backed up each week and we keep the last three backups in case of emergency.
  4. Your social media pages are managed for you so that when a potential new client checks out your business they don’t find the last entry was months or years ago.
  5. We work diligently to build your search engine optimization ranking (We already manage over 100 sites that have page 1 ranking on Google.)
  6. We build links to your web pages in a safe and controlled manner, just as search engines like to see them.
  7. You can rest in the knowledge that if the search engine updates it’s search criteria, which they do constantly, we will ensure your website reacts to the update within days.
Website builder is the solution
It’s your business, do you want more customers?

We live an image driven age and this applies to local businesses as well as multi-national corporations.  Since the introduction of the internet the habits of customers have changed dramatically and that change accelerated when smart phones arrived on the scene.  Before the internet your average customer relied on a Yellow Pages or local newspaper ads to find you and understand what goods and services you supply.  Today the public are spoilt with instant information on any subject imaginable and unless you satisfy their need for instant information they are less likely to frequent your business.  You have to be up to date at all times and only leasing a business website enables this to happen.  Your website is managed by experts when you lease.


Website Creation Requires Constant Updating To Be Efficient – Leasing A Business Website Makes This Possible

web development company.
Web development focuses on your customers.

When making a buying decision over 50% will access your business online and check you out.  This is where first impressions come into play because you are not the only business selling your product, your competitors are in the same market place and ranking for the same keywords so there a few things you need in your favor to catch the attention of your potential customer. Have no doubt about this you have as little as 2.8 seconds to grab their attention before they hit the back button and check out your competitor.  That is the main reason why your website must be eye-catching as well as practical.

There is another factor that must be taken into account and that concerns whether your website is compatible to tablets and smart phone display.  A very sad fact is that in the USA more than 50% of business websites are not mobile compatible.  In Australia 90% of business websites are not mobile compatible.  Just look at the facts about how people make searches for local goods and services.  In 2015 Google released the following statistics concerning local businesses and the internet:

  • 88% of searches for local goods and services are now made online.
  • In 2015 searches for local goods and services on mobile devices exceeded searches from computers, racking up 52% of all searches.
  • The figure for searches from mobile devices is forecast to carry on expanding at a very fast rate and is expected to be in excess of 80% by the end of 2017.

Only you can take action to ensure your business is perceived as a player online into the future.  Leasing a business website allows you to focus on what you do best and us to focus on what we do best.

Contact us for an obligation and cost free assessment of your online needs.  You can use the contact us details on this website.

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