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Building A List For Profit

building a list for profit
Where does the next customer come from?

Have you ever considered building a list for profit to ensure your website pays for itself and makes a profit for you?  We often ask our clients this simple question and are amazed by the number of times the reply is: “I’d love to but that involves technology which I don’t have time to learn.”  The replies vary but fall into two basic categories:

  •  I’d love to but have no idea how to start, or the time to do it.
  • I’ve never thought of it, what benefit to my business would it be?

We’ll discuss both responses later in the article because they are valid, but first let’s make sure we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.

The twenty-first century is all about Social Media and social proof when it comes to customer loyalty.  Your clients expect to build a relationship with you before they will become a loyal customer.  They want to be able to see you on Social Media and get an occasional email from you with a special offer to reward their loyalty.  In return your business becomes their call of choice when they want goods or services that you offer.

Imagine existing customers spending 50%, 75% even 100% more with you, then the benefits of customer reviews and word of mouth bringing in new clients regularly.  This is what building a list for profit is all about.

Many businesses are spending big dollars to attract new customers when by building a list and encouraging your existing customers to do it for you is so much cheaper?  But you don’t have time or knowledge to set this up and maintain it.  So Otec Promotions has devised a system that will build and maintain your social media presence PLUS take over the entire role of building a list for profit for a small monthly fee that includes use of State of the Art software which we load on to your website, an autoresponder to take care of emailing your clients regularly that is yours forever more so even if you break with us you lose nothing.  Apart from the technical side we also have a human side to handle your social media presence with regular postings, answers to questions and a dedication to building your business regardless which niche you are in all for an affordable monthly fee.  More of this later.

I Have No Idea How To Start Building A List For Profit.


social currency
How much social currency does my business have?

That is understandable, just as we do not have the skills or knowledge to run your business, Otec Promotions have been helping promote small businesses since January 1983, long before the internet arrived, you could say we grew with the internet and built our skill and knowledge base as the internet grew.  All businesses outsource skills they do not have in-house; it could be accountancy or window cleaning or anything in between, if you don’t have the skills or the time you outsource it.

It is amazing how many business owners spend large portions of their hard earned gross profit in encouraging new clients or getting existing clients to increase spending when very often the cheapest answer is much cheaper.  This is why we are introducing our brand new service that offers building a list for profit together with Social Media presence and do it all for you.  The only contact we need have after setting up is when either you or us need to promote something for your business.  The cost to you is one small set up cost followed by a monthly maintenance fee that starts at less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.

What’s The Benefit Of A List To My Business

Customer loyalty
Customer loyalty ensures you don’t leave money on the table

Building a list for profit is simply what it claims to be.  Online marketers claim that each name on a list is worth between $1 and $5 per month to their business and they are selling intangible items.  Your business is selling much needed goods and services and the personal promotion of social media backed by personal emails is so powerful that you will see a boost to turnover very quickly at a cost way below newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages or CPC advertising costs.  It has the benefit to you of cementing customer loyalty and attracting the very best new clients – those that come from personal recommendation.

There is a cost to finding new clients to any business and you pay this cost because new clients are the lifeblood of your business.  Most businesses fail due to an inability to attract new clients or get the maximum spending from existing clients.  All our system does is make it the cheapest form of doing these jobs that are so critical to your business.  So what have you got to lose?  Check us out by taking advantage of our free assessment and quote.

Summary Of Building A List For Profit

Customers are the lifeblood of your business.
With a list you never have to worry about where the next client will come from.

It’s really a no-brainer decision: Otec Promotions have more than 30 years experience in what we do and you don’t remain in business that long, with the same management team, unless you are able to produce the goods for your clients.

We have clients throughout the English speaking world, some have been with us for more than a decade with no contract binding them to us.

Your business needs to be building a list for profit all of the time and the less you have to spend to do so the happier you are.  Few of you have time to do this for themselves, many do not have the technical or marketing skills to do this.  We are happy to assess your needs and make a proposal of how best to achieve results for you.  Then we give you a price and you decide.  It’s really that simple so why not do a big favor for your business right now and contact us for an free assessment?



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