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Beta Testers

Beta Testers Required In Australia

We need Beta testers NOW!

We need Beta testers NOW!

We urgently need beta testers in Australia and will make it worth your while if you are selected:  Do you own a small to medium enterprise in Australia?
Would you like a professional studio made business reputation video valued at over $3,000 at no cost to help us beta test and introduce our video service in Australia? If so just read on:
Otec Promotions are giving away over $300,000 in professional studio made videos to Australian businesses that will help us with our beta testing of the product. There is a small investment in time required as follows:
We will require a fifteen to thirty minute discussion to collect the data required to personalize the video to your business.
Approximately one-month after the video is uploaded we will require you to complete a short 5 question questionnaire it will take about 2-minutes of your time.
After this the professional studio made video becomes an asset of your company forever more.

What Is Required To Be One Of Our Beta-Testers?

Beta Testing Is Good For Your Business

Beta Testing Is Good For Your Business

To qualify to qualify as one of our beta-testers all we ask is that you pass three business referrals for us to introduce our services to. We will give them a special deal very similar to this test to ensure they will always thank you for introducing them.
This program has been successfully run in the USA and some of the businesses we service include (in no particular order):
• Surgeons
• Lawyers
• Dentists
• Chiropractors
• Natural Health Therapists
• Roofers
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Car Dealers
• Mechanical Workshops
• Air Conditioning and Ventilation (HVAC) Technicians
• Restaurants
• Night clubs
• Bars
• Resorts
• Spa’s
• Beauty Practitioners
• Gym’s
The list is far longer and we have stopped here because you’ll have the idea by now. If you are unsure whether it will suit your business contact us and ask, in over 30 years we have never taken on a client we are not convinced we can help. Ethics before Profits is our credo.

What’s In It For Me?

What's In It For Me Baby?

What’s In It For Me Baby?

All businesses that apply to join this program will be contacted and directed to sample videos before you commit. What’s the point of agreeing to join the program if you don’t know what you’ll be getting.
Today videos are ranking higher and faster online than websites and all of our videos are perfectly set up for SEO, in line with all Google requirements. If you want your business to stand out as the market leader in your area(s) you must look the most professional and to do this you need to portray professionalism by using the best tools. Once you see samples of these videos you will know instantly that you are dealing with top of the range professionals. In fact we suggest that when you watch the sample videos you imagine it is your business being portrayed and you will instantly recognize the value of being one of our beta-testers.
What can the video do for your business? The quality of these videos make them a major branding tool and everybody in business is aware that branding is everything if you want to stand out among your competitors. This branding tool indicates to people searching for your goods and services that you are the authority in your niche in your area; this ensures new customers come to you ahead of your competitors.
Hurry, this deal can’t last for long. All you have to do is follow the link above and send us your contact details and we will respond within 48 hours.

Prospective Beta Testers should check out our Reputation Video Page

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