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As specialists in Reputation Marketing and to reach the level we have achieved you need to have a deep understanding of not only marketing but also IT and Communications. This ensures your business has an integrated approach to online presence and social media that is aimed at bringing in more paying customers rather than “likes” on Facebook or clicks on advertisements. We are happy to discuss individual needs because no two businesses are alike.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are an extremely important asset for any business, particu...

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You hear many stories regarding Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is be...

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Reputation Marketing

Many business owners are too busy to work out that reputation is their...

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Build Websites

Is your website truly representative of your professionalism? So many ...

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Studio Made Reputation Videos

99% of businesses do not know the importance of studio made reputation...

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Reputation Repair

Your reputation can be trashed in many ways, it could be by a disgrunt...

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The reason most businesses are yet to discover the power of the internet on local marketing is because they lack the technical knowledge to make it work for them. The options that have been open to them is to take on a “geek” who usually has little knowledge of marketing or take on a marketer who has little technical ability. Otec Promotions finally changes all of that with over 30 years marketing experience 15 years technical ability we are in the position to get new clients flooding to your business as we build a 5-star reputation that will make you the authority business in your niche. This is business promotion twenty-first century style.

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David McCarthy

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